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I have decided to add my personal musings which I have been writing for quite a few years. I think my personal style comes out quite prominently and speak for itself. I hope that you will enjoy my musings here and as always I love feedback!

All my poetry is located in the Poetry Category for now.  I will amend and try to improve this blog as I go along.


Thank you for stopping by and visiting!

All work is Copywrite 1987-2011©All Rights Reserved®



Now Ten Things in no particular order that make me happy:

Thank you so much Jingle for the Happy Award! Okay now I shall tell you 10 things that make me happy:

  1. Kelly
  2. Our four cats, Smidge, Eve, Boots and Louie
  3. My camera (makes me ecstatic!)
  4. My Mom and Dad (Love you both!) except when you brag about the warm weather while I am here in the snow. 🙂
  5. Watching Xena, Law and Order SVU
  6. Going out on day trips with Kelly and our cameras
  7. My poetry
  8. Working on the computer
  9. Summer
  10. Life

Am going to add the 10 nominees I want to give this to tomorrow as it is almost 11L:00 pm our time and I have been up since early morning and out and about all day.  Until then all have a wonderful evening and weekend, see you tomorrow!

My Nominees for the Happy Award:

1.  The Dark Lords Blog: Memories of a Lost Valentine

2.  Courting Disaster:  The Crescent City

3.  The World of Yes:  Poetry In Motion

4.  Just Thinking Out Loud:  I Remembered You

5.  Jingle:  I Feel Love When

6.  Doubtful Poet:  Ghost

7.  Claiming Alexandria:  Crossing Over

8.  Dustus:  Vision Clear

9.  Chocolate High

10.  Moon Walkerwiz




I have graciously been nominated for this wonderful award by Jingle I am quite honoured to received it and in return I am going to nominate 12 individuals I feel deserve it as well.  Thank you so much Jingle, you are a wonderful and thoughtful person.


My nominations for the award are as follows:

1.  Decoding Poetry:

2.  Don’s Poetry Cafe:

3. Deva Forte: A year In Poetry:

4.  The Book of Noha:

5.  MoonDuster Blog:

6.  Melancholy Meadow of Willows:

7.  Reaching For My Pen:

8.  Chocolate High:

9.  Sparrowsong’s Blog:

10.  The Smitten Image:

11.  My Poetic Path:

12.  The World of Yes:

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